Graham Perry has been involved in many disciplines’ of shooting for over 40 years and has been a Master Gunsmith for over 35 years. He previously owned a Gunshop from 1979 to 1985 before launching a new career as a Professional Guide and Outfitter . After 33 years in the Outfitting business he sold the business with plans of semi retirement.

Our History

In 1997 he and his wife Teddi saw an ad about Sporting Clays in a local Alberta paper. Accompanied by a long time friend they went and shot their first round of Sporting Clays. As they say the rest is history. Teddi and Graham soon attended their first Sporting Clay competition. Besides the challenge of Sporting Clays they met a whole new group of some of the nicest people anyone could meet.

Graham became very interested in the target setting side of Sporting Clays. Wherever they traveled Graham was always intrigued in the target presentation. Soon he and Teddi purchased some target machines of their own and set them up in an old gravel pit behind their home. Graham would try to replicate some of the target presentations he had seen at other courses. With a keen eye and great interest he would develop his own style of targets.

In 2008 with land prices soaring in Alberta and numerous acreages being developed the Perry’s decided to look for a new location where they could enlarge their farming base.

The gold at the end of the rainbow was Hanley, SK. They purchased the Bob McKee property. With its diverse terrain and a good mix of farm land they were set. Graham already had his piece of the farm picked out for the Sporting Clays range.

It was Graham’s dream to have a (build it and they will come) fully automated top quality Sporting Clays Range.

Course design and construction began in 2009 and the beginning of the course opened up that July. A building was purchased shortly after that and was moved onto the property in Sept. Now the renovations and construction would be conducted during the 09-10 winter.

April of 2010 was the unveiling of the Clubhouse. With it’s Cedar exterior and Pine interior the 3000sq.ft. Clubhouse provides full service amenities for any function.

In 2011 Graham added a 5 stand which is a more compact form of Sporting Clays. 2011 was also the year Hanley Sporting Grounds hosted the Western Canadian Challenge. This is a large event for shooters from the Western Provinces and was well attended.

In 2012 Hanley Sporting Grounds was also the Host for Saskatchewan’s first ever Federal 400. This was an event that has been a big success in Alberta for many years. 2014 will be the 3rd Annual Federal 400 July 12 & 13. Thanks to our Federal Reps Paul Sim and Rick Bryne. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In 2013 Hanley Sporting Grounds was approached by the Canadian National Sporting Clays Association to be the Host Club for the Canadian Nationals Sporting Clays competition. The event will take place Aug. 1,2,3, 2014.

Since 2010 Hanley Sporting Grounds has hosted many functions and fundraisers. Whether Shooting Sporting Clays or just using the Clubhouse, Hanley Sporting Grounds has become a landmark for the Community and Saskatchewan. Many corporate groups as well as private functions and fundraisers have used the Grounds.